Invoke Activity missing or could not be loaded properly

When I download a uipath project from websites like Github, all invoke activities won’t be displayed properly. All other activities are displayed correctly, but where invoke activities are supposed to be showing says:

** This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly. **

I cannot know what this invoke activity is doing, like what parameters are used, what workflow it is invoking, and this is frustrating. Why is it like this? I tried downloading multiple projects from Github, and in all of them, invoke activities are not displayed properly.

Is there any way to fix this?

Edit: How about images? Activities are displayed, but where images are supposed to be showing in “Indicate element” “indicate screen” are not showing images, also. But this is not as critical as invoke activities not showing properly.

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It means some of the packages needs to be updated.
Goto packages console and update the some of the libraries to the latest version.

This error occurs when you update the UIPath studio but not the libraries.

Karthik Byggari


This is how we need to handle with this error buddy @tomato25

so finally it implies that go to package manager in design menu and install all the packages that were missing @tomato25, and here it is UiPath.Core.Activities
If already installed, upgrade them to your studio version buddy @tomato25
and the reason why you were not able to see images is the screenshot folder might not be there along with project folder, thats why we are missing with images…
Kindly try this and let know whether you were able to get the activity


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