I want to click visible button (Windows Application)

I have an windows application. It have an three button and randomly one button will be visible other two hidden. here I want to click visible button

May be a easy way, you can use three try catch activities and try to click the three buttons in each one of them , which one will work where you need to use the If condition to check if the first button is clicked, you need to skip the remaining two and so on.

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thank you…

but I need a better way…

Hi @Ajith_143

You can you use Get Attribute ("Visibility") to check the element is visible or not.

If it’s visible you can click. But using the try catch block takes long time.

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Thank you…

how to check the element is visible or not…

pls give if condition for this…

@Ajith_143 Do you use the element exists activity?

You can check if the button is there and put it in the if condition as boolean.

thank you @ruh_hastasi77

Its work but element exist takes Long time…

Use Get Attribute Activity, this will tell you the element is visible or not.

Maybe you can also put all 3 click activities with ContinueOnError = True ?

I know that this will be the bad way but maybe for your purpose its okay

Edit: You should also change the TimeOut Value maybe to 800 instead of 30000 (default)

@kuppu_samy I did with get Attribute. What I do next?

@Ajith_143 It will return either True or False. Do the if condition for every button, if the Get Attribute returns true, then click the button. else don’t do anything.

Here the screenshot

@kuppu_samy Thankyou…

IsVisible is a Boolean type?

Yes @Ajith_143.

@kuppu_samy IsVisible is a Variable?

Yes, you can use data type as Generic Type. It maybe 0 or 1. Also check your selector whether you selected the button properly else you won’t get the proper values. @Ajith_143

Thank you buddy @kuppu_samy

Thanks @Ajith_143, Please mark it as the solution if you got the solution. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

@kuppu_samy it always return 0 even the button is visible.

@Ajith_143 please select the element correctly, if you select child element, it may goes different.

Okay, let’s do some analysis, watch the selector of element while visible and invisible. Sure you will find some selector value changes. The we can Get Attribute Activity accordingly.