Invoice extraction rpa challenge

Can we do invoice extraction(rpa challenge) using pdf activities and without using document understanding if yes please explain

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Hi @alan_prakash
kindly refer this video

hope this helps you

@alan_prakash Yes, you can do it


  • You can use the Read PDF Text or Read pdf with OCR Activity and convert the pdf data to text
  • Apply regular expressions to extract the data


  • You can use directly OCR activities to extract the data


  • You can use Get Text Activity

i have done this same workflow but it extract only onepdf (11.1 KB)

Hi @alan_prakash,

I have reviewed your project, but you have chosen the hard way here.

First read the whole table with data scraping.

Next, identify the target PDFs you need to download by filtering in the loop according to the specified rule.

Once determined, download and read them one by one and write them to the CSV file of your choice.

Finally, upload the csv file to the system.


Am i done that project wrong?why it is extracting only one pdf format

It’s not wrong, but you need to examine your while loop here. This is also time consuming and difficult to answer at the moment. The above method, on the other hand, can be developed and studied much more easily.

OK i will do it as u have suggested but before that if u have time please review my project as i want to know which step is incorrect i tried to do it but not worked

I’ll be looking at the appropriate time. I am wondering too :slight_smile:

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invoiceextractionrpachallenge (2).zip (11.4 KB)
I have given annotation to the condition in the workflow,if it is difficult to interpret my workflow

hi from this Zip Getting invoices in .jpg. But i want in the form of PDF