Invalid Ui Node in SAP

Hi all,

I am trying to automate SAP by indicate the table inside the SAP menu. However I am getting the Invalid Ui Node Error message box every time I try to indicate the table.

Is there any solution to this error? Fyi, I already enable the SAP Gui scripting. And I am doing remote session with tightvnc viewer

Thank you for your help before.

Hi @mcs

Is Java extension enabled?


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hope this would help you

Cheers @mcs

Hi @AshwinS2

Yes I already enable and try again, but still get the same error.


Hi @Palaniyappan

I already try to find the Remove check box for “Enable Protection Mode”, but I cannot find the option anywhere.


we can find it out in INTERNET options in IE settings where

Cheers @mcs

Hi @Palaniyappan

That’s the issue for Internet Explorer, but this is the issue in the SAP, so I open the properties in SAP and try to find the the same option, but nowhere to be found.

I am getting the same error. Did u fix it somehow? I can’t find any solution for this problem…