Invalid Json Connection Info while Provisioning

Hi All,

Need help with below issue.
I am getting the below error while connecting to UiPath Orchestrator from Robot.

“Invalid Json Connection Info”

Put the project.json file in the main folder of that project .
Please Refer

I have the below json file in both main folder and ProgramData\UiPath\Projects\TestOrchestratorConnection.1.0.6479.19113\lib\net45
“description”: “Blank Project”,
“version”: “2016.2.6402.24499”,
“main”: “Main.xaml”,
“id”: “TestOrchestratorConnection”,
“dependencies”: {},
“configurationOptions”: {},
“excludedData”: [

Still getting same error. Kindly advice. I am using

hi @ArpanSur,

have you fixed this issue already?

I met this same issue on my environment. i guess you may have the same situation with me, do you have multiple versions of UiPath Studio installed?

i uninstall all Uipath programs and reinstall the UiPath Platform again. it is fixed now.

hope it will help you!

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