Process-info.json was modified and is now invalid error in UI Path assistant


I’m facing a issue in UI Path assistant, it’s showing process-info.json was modified and is now invalid please fix it or delete the file. I have deleted the file it’s fixed for now but how can I prevent this issue on production machine?

Did you made any modification the file process-info.json? If yes, its better not to touch that file as it will impact the configuration

Nope, it automatically got modified on the server, can you please suggest why it’ll modify?

Do we have any resolution to this issue?
If so, it will be helpful as I’m facing the same today on 1 of the attended production machine.

Check this article


  1. Make a backup of the %appdata%\UiPath\process-info.json file
  2. Delete the process-info.json file from %appdata%\UiPath
  3. Restart the RobotService for Unattended robots. For Attended robots, close all UiPath Assistant processes from Task Manager.
  4. Open the UiPath Assistant
  5. Reconnect the robot to Orchestrator.
  6. After Orchestrator is reconnected, test launching a process to ensure it executes successfully on the machine.

This message should not be seen anymore after version 21.10.6.

Let us know if this helped.