Invalid credentials MTI7

I have this error which is displayed after authentication on the orchestrator portal.
License: Automation suite .
I have not changed credentials.
It worked before then the certificate expired I generated another one and since then I get this error

Hi @dhouha.cherif ,

Did you have any tenant ? or Default check that!

Pavan Kumar

Default yes.
How can i check?

By default it will come as default. Try to login with mail Id. If not reset the password and try it!

Pavan Kuamr

This is what i get when i tryy to reset the password

Hi @dhouha.cherif
Do you have any other admin account?

Kaviyarasu N

No that is the only one

is this related to orginazation or cloud orchestrator?

hi @dhouha.cherif
Then if you have server access means login into server machine manually change the admin password

Refer this Link

Kaviyarasu N