Introducing a compatibility matrix for packages

Hello All,

Recently I was developing an automation on the latest studio version. Added the latest ML, persistence, OCR etc. activities, and when published to the on-prem orchestrator, there was a package/orchestrator compatibility issue.

Hence I had to refer release notes and compatibility documentations on UiPath docs.

It would be nice to have a compatibility description in the release notes of package versions as from a developer perspective it would be easier to identify package versioning compatibility in the package meta data itself.

Here’s a sample of the latest persistence activity, which shows description, version, dependencies etc. but does not show the package compatibility.

There are compatibility description in some of the activities, e.g. mail activities requires studio 21.10 or more, however all compatibility that a developer might need to know is not mentioned.

Introducing a compatibility matrix across the board where a developer can easily validate compatibility across on-prem/ cloud/ studio/ activities.

Thank you!

@Vibhor.Shrivastava @Monica_Secelean @marian.platonov @Anca_Bolca