Interview questions : Challenges faced while implementing RPA?

I have an interview Question asked in Telephonic Interview.

  1. What are the Challenges did you face while implementing the Project.
  2. What is Assets in Orchestrator
  3. What is Attended and non attended Robot
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  1. From experience, challenging part is to create automation for remote/Citrix machines where the direct UI interactions/recording doesn’t work. But as per the recent releases, this is made some what easy by making use of computer vision activities.

->The automation w.r.t Images/OCR part is a challenging part.

->Data scraping where the data is not in some pattern.

->SAP automation is a challenging part. Now it is not anymore challenging after computer vision activities.

The list will be different for each one depending on the project automation. The personal experience helps you to answer this.

  1. Assets usually represent shared variables or credentials that can be used in different automation projects. They give you the opportunity to store specific information so that the Robots can easily have access to it.
    These are like Global Dictionary (Name/Value pairs) available for all robots connected to Orchestrator.
  1. Attended - human interaction is required to trigger or some inputs
    Unattended - No human interaction is required to get the automation done by robot

Karthik Byggari