Internet Explorer Error - WerFault.exe

Hi all,

Pretty much all of our processes that we run on a daily basis open SAP GUI from our company’s Intranet page. When opening the file for SAP GUI, Internet Explorer sometimes crashes with the following error:


The above screenshot is from our exception handler within the robot which takes a screenshot of the screen at the time of error.

We have been unable to recreate the error in order to generate a selector to manually close this every time it pops up however we have determined that this error is under the process name “WerFault.exe” and that it is not exclusive to Internet Explorer.

We are trying to figure out a way to close this error as we believe it is interfering with subsequent automations. Our two ideas are as follows:

  1. Generate a selector for the close button to close the window.
  2. Determine whether or not the process is a system protected process so that we can kill the process.

Any help with the issue would be massively appreciated with regards to a selector or information about the error.

Thanks in advance!

bump. If anyone has any experience with this it would be appreciated!

Hi itsnmorris,

did you find any resolution over it? I am facing the same pop up “Internet explorer has stopped working”

It is like a local computer problem.

I recommanded to cmd ‘sc stop WerSvc’ to administrator privileges. or run eventvwr (Windows Log-Application) and check the log at the time of the error.

is there any specific name for the pop up, i’m trying to kill this pop up with kill process, however cannot find the specific name.