Internet Explorer 11 keeps randomly crashing

Installer(.exe or .msi): exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): license

Studio/Robot version: 18.4.5

Current behavior: IE 11 on Win7 has stopped working error

Screenshot: error

Hello folks,

we’re currently having problem with IE application on VMs, it just randomly crashes (sometimes - right after opening, another time - in the middle of process). Message error points out for a ‘urlmon.dll issue’ but i’m skeptical about that. We’ve recently upgraded to 18.4.5 version (but its probably not related with crashing) , we didn’t have any major Windows updates which can be linked with problem.

Has any of you experienced a similar problem ?

I’ve already tried the following :

  • Re-install IE (uncheck form Windows features)
  • Re-install SilverLight Dev.Version (Uninstall and fresh Install)
  • Register oleacc.dll
  • Register urlmon.dll
  • Uncheck ‘Enable third-party browser extensions’
  • Clear and Restore Internet Options
  • Turn-off AntiVirus application

Everything with restart and elevated privileges.

SilverLight 5.1.50907.0
IE 11.0.9600.19377

Hi @Marcin_Rudko,
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Problem look rather like IE issue than UiPath related one. Anyway could you try to test workflow on any computer where IE is not crashing and then copy mentioned dll from it to the affected one and register it?

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Welcome to UiPath community

hmmm i was about to tell this, i wonder why this error occurs on doing all these steps
–did we try uninstalling UiPath studio and reinstall it

Cheers @Marcin_Rudko

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I couldn’t do this by myself but our maintenance team said that they’ve tried that.
We can reinstall whole OS on one machine for test purposes but it’s like a last resort for us :slight_smile:

I assume that all VMs are running from exact same image. Do you have any previous version of image to try it out? Eventually on one of the VM you could try System File Checker:

Step 1
Go to “Start,” then “Run” and enter the command “cmd.” Hit “Enter” and wait for the command prompt box to open.

Step 2
Type the command “sfc /scannow” without the quotation marks and hit “Enter.” Wait for the computer to start scanning the computer for errors.

No errors, we’ve finally decided to reinstall OS and upgrade to Win10. Problem solved :smiley:

Thnx for support !

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Thank you for sharing this. This is one of the perfect example that it happens that OS is the faulted element in the issue puzzles. Thanks again :slight_smile: