Internal error encountered. [500] - Processing Activities in GSuite Spreadsheet Activity

When I am trying to use the AutoFill activity of the GSuite activities pack, I am getting an Internal error encountered. [500], however other GSuite activities are for the spreadsheet is working fine.

I noticed that none of the activities under processing are working, is there any permission that is required for these activities?



Which package version are you using?

Can you update the package if you are using the old version?


Hi @Bharat_chhajed , I get the same error if the nr of “FillLength” is higher than the available nr of cells in the mentioned direction.

Double-check pls if the spreadsheet has enough cells in the direction you indicated, and for the amount indicated in “FillLength”.

If all is okay in the properties, could you please share screenshots of the activity and its properties?
Thank you.

Hi @Dumitrita_Crasnojon, I think it’s happening because I have a sheet that has a pivot table in it, and removing it is working fine. However, I need to perform autofill with having a pivot table in the template file, as the user wants to be part of the spreadsheet.

Below is the exact same issue that I am having, looks like activities that are under Processing are using API to get sheetId for subsequent calls which are failing.