Intermittent Click on Save As button works

Need your advice, please

I have a workflow that clicks a download icon and when the Save As and Open buttons appear on the top right corner, it clicks the Save As button.

The challenge I have is that the bot sometimes works perfectly but sometimes it can’t find the Save As UI Element - not sure if it’s due to the bot clicks too soon before the Save As button appears or other reasons.

May I seek your advice on what is the best way to overcome this challenge?

Thank you

Hi @ayeo22,

You could give some delay before click activity of save as button. It will help in your case of issue.


Thanks for the solution, sangeetha. I will try it. However, this will introduce additional 300 seconds as workflow have to do this 300 times. Any other solutions that will not add to the execution time?

Otherwise,we could increase the timeout value for the activity which decrease the additional 300 seconds to some 100 seconds.
One more solution is we could check if the element appears or not by using Element exists activity and then performs click activity on save button.

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I like your advice to use Element Exists, any properties I need to adjust in Element Exists? Thank you.

@ayeo22 ,
use element exit activity before the click, get a boolean output variable from the activity, then use an if condition to check if the boolean value is true? provide the click activity inside if condition

@ayeo22 ,
Else you can use enable the property < wait until ready> to “Complete” in click activity

This is helps the click activity to wait till the page appears and then perform the click

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@ayeo22 ,
this will help you to avoid using element exist activity and reduces the delays



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I’ll try the WaitForReply set to Complete, thanks

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