Interacting with Multiple SAP Windows

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to have multiple SAP running at the same time using one bot. For example, the bot will first proceed to generate report A, while report A is generating, the bot will open a new window and begin to generate report B and so on.
So far I have tried to do this but after I click execute to generate report, I cannot interact with the system as UiPath will freeze and then go black until the report has finished generating.

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  • Use parallel activity.
  • Insert two sequence in parallel.
  • In First sequence, provide code for Report A.
  • In second sequence, provide code for Report B.

How do you get it to work if the SAP window is on top of each other? I tried to test it but it can only do the one that is at front and will give an error for the one at the back. Thanks.

The main issue at the moment is that I want the bot to do something else such as working on report B, C, D etc. while it is generating report A. However, after selecting the execute button, the bot still does not proceed to opening a new window or do anything else even with parallel activity.

Can we automate multiple window (more than 2) using this method

Hello, I have a question to the same topic.

I also have to work with two window open at the same time, but Ui Path has just to work at the second window. But it is very important that the first windwo stays open, so we can go back, after finishing in window two.
I work with SAP Scripting and when I take the Activity press button or set element property, I take the Id in it. There is a change in the Id from Window one to window two, because in the Id there is standing ses[0] or ses [1]

Unfortunately I always get the error message: Set element property: The control could not be found by id.

What did I do wrong. Can somebody help me?

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Attach window?

I tried this and I also tried activate, but it don’t work and I abolutely don’t know why.


Hello Karoweiss,

please look at this interesting SAP presentation about SAP GUI Scripting API at slide 20 et seq. about the object model.

To differentiate between two equal SAP sessions via the session number you can use the attribute sapSession.


Add it to your selector and it should work.

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Hi I Open 2 sessions to speed up my process,but I am not allowed to generate them all at one go.
For first session it will execute but for sapSession =‘2’ it will not validate selector…In uiexplorer sapSession always same =1 but sapSyssessionId which changed every time …But how can I get this dynamically?

Note : I am using one generic user account to run the UiPath automation in same machine

lets continue the discussion here Tip: A More Stable Way of Identifying SAP Windows - #7 by LevKushnir

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