How choose a opened SAP window if you have several windows

Hi guys,

can someone to help in UIpath.

I have the challenge that i open SAP, do the login and open further 7 windows.

Now I would like to choose one determined windows with UIpath to do the further steps in SAP.

After its finished UIpath should choose the next SAP windows from the backround and do the actions.

All SAP actions are taking time. So if every windows is choose and the actions are done Uipath have to choose again determined window.

Do you have an idea how its possible to choose an exact tab if you have several similar and also different tabs?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Marc_Sander
Welcome to UiPath community buddy and thats a good question to start with
We can go with Activate activity that helps us to bring the screen selected as element to the foreground

Cheers @Marc_Sander

Hi Palaniyappan,

thank you for your quick answer.

But unfortunately for me its not clear how I figure out which windows has wich name.

Even if i know the path, do I insert the path into the selector row?

Thank you for your effort

we need to just select the screen as a whole element so that it gets that to the foreground
Cheers @Marc_Sander