SAP issue on different session

I am currently running my script to generate a report. Takes 15min to the report to have a result in SAP.

To speed up my process, i open 2 or more different sessions of SAP to generate them separately as I am not allowed to generate them all at one go due to ABAP error.

After the script run on the first session, it will execute. Then the script would not continue on the second session until the execution on the first session is completed. Then only it will continue and it takes 15mins without any error from UiPath popping out.

I am able to work on the scripts on multiple session if is only short execution.

Is there anyone experiencing or working on similar thing? Hope you can share your method of solving.

Thank you.

Multi-threading is not possible in UiPath in terms of SAP reports. When you run SAP reports uipath activities get frozen automatically, hence it does not execute next activity until SAP report gets downloaded on Screen. To achieve multi threading you would need to run the process on the three different machines and share the same queue to work through the items.