IntelligentOCR Scope Error

Hi Friends

I am getting below error when i am using intelligentOCR Scope.

Could you please help me to resolve this?


Hi @Srinivasa

Could you make sure you have met the pre-requisites listed in our documentation?


ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine SDK is required to use the Intelligent OCR activities. The engine only works with a license distributed by the UiPath sales department. To request a license, access the Contact us page, go to Technical Support & Activations, fill the form and choose Service Request after providing a Name and Email .


Thanks @loginerror - nice to speak with you once again.

Could you let me know, once this license has been procured, where we would use it. I can’t see anything obvious in either Orchestrator or the activities themselves.

Additionally, the documentation for this doesn’t match the example so could do with updating.

Also, the taxonomy tutorial here isn’t that helpful - it would be much better if it worked through examples. I have no idea what the purpose of the groups, categories etc are. I appreciate this will all come out in due course, but for those looking to get a head start this would be helpful :wink:


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