IntelligentOCR Scope : Class not registered

Hi all,

I am following the link to get my hands on OCR activities. I am getting below error

I tried downloading the sample code given on the link but that’s again ran into same error.

Please guide.


Hello @atinder

Can you show me how you configured your IntelligentOCR Scope activity?

Please, can you follow the link I mentioned in my post.

I am using the same sample code provided on the link.

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I have the same error when i use the intelligentOCR, did you find a solution for this? Thanks!

Hi @Heloise

I have gone through some links and figure out that we need to have ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK installed on local machine before we can use these IntelligentOCR Activities.

And we have to request a license to install the SDK. I doubt a free/trail version exist so I have dropped the idea to go ahead with this approach.

If you find something better, please share.


Hello @atinder

There is a free trial for Abbyy flexicapture. I have also tried to get it. And i know of friends who use the trial.

If Abbyy doesn’t work for you, you can also try using Rossum Elis with UiPath. Do a simple google search as “Rossum Elis with UiPath” and you will get a sample workflows from their site itself…

Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando for the input. Really appreciate your effort.

But can you suggest something which is on system (local) rather than on cloud. My organization won’t allow to upload invoice to some another site. So, I am looking for some on-local machine solution to process invoices.

Thanks again.

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Go for Abbyy Flexicapture then… it can be installed in your local machines :slightly_smiling_face:

@Lahiru.Fernando, can you tell me where is the free trial of abby flexicapture available?

Hi @Fer

I don’t think you can get the trial version directly. You might need to contact the UiPath partner coordinator in your region (if you are a partner) so that they can grant you trial license as they have access to that…

That’s how we do here in our company…

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Hi! If you want use the process for automate invoice/receipt automation the best approach is using the Machine Learning Extractor :slight_smile: