IntelligentOCR Activities

Hello Everyone,
I am stuck into OCR Activities.
i have read the pdf and extract that data so can anyone give me any project or file or any refer link?


Have you checked this @Urvin_Sanghavi?

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Hey @HareeshMR,
i check that but not understand so if you have any refer project or file then share with me if possible.


here you go

Cheers @Urvin_Sanghavi

Hey @Palaniyappan,
Thanks but i need to understand the basic ocr data extract with simple extractor not FlexiCapture.
if you have any file or project please share with me.

Hello @Urvin_Sanghavi,

Please check out this example:

It contains a document processing workflow that uses our machine learning extractor for invoices, and our regex based extractor for flowing text repeating data.

Hope this helps,