Intelligent OCR - scanned pdfs

Can someone please explain how this works? I have pdf’s with scanned forms and handwritten forms.
Which activity is best helps me?


Hi, you have a package called UiPath.PDF.Activities, which has activities like Read PDF Text and Read PDF With OCR. You can use it. Apart from that, there is documentation below:

Thank you for the details. Do i need subscription to MS vision? Also do you have example for intelligent OCR?



Hope this will help you

Nived N

Hello @MadhuK,

The IntelligentOCR package , if you need to extract information from those PDFs as well (not only get machine readable version from them - for this the PDF package suffices).

Pls have a look on the UiPath Academy for the Document Understanding course just launched to go through how to do document processing and data extraction.

Hope this helps,


Thank you all of you for the suggestions. I will look into them.