Handwritten scanned pdf data extraction

Hello Everyone,
I have a pdf file which is a scanned form where i have to extract the handwritten data. But I was unable to do so using Microsoft and Google OCR. I tried using Abbyy OCR but it wasn’t also able to extract the data that I needed. Is there any other solution for this problem in UIPath??


have you found any solution for this?

Hello @sahil.ssb0111

In case this topic is still of interest,

Please try out the new Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR activity in UiAutomation - it has a flag called HandwritingRecognition - which makes the activity use the new Azure API which is able to recognize both printed and handwritten text (to some extent). This might help.

For data extraction, as a sample you might look into this helpful material: How to use the IntelligentOCR Package