Git merge from UiPath fully overwriting files

Hi everyone.
So, I’m trying to use the git integration for UiPath, using a git lab repository that I created, and trying to merge 2 different versions of the same code. Usually when conflicts are detected, a message appears so you can solve these conflicts, but when I try to merge the codes one simply overwrite the other. Is there a way to select what do you want from each code to get the merge done? Thanks in advance

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Hi @njunior

According to our documentation, there should be a window that should allow you to do just that:

but what about merging changes from both Remote and Local versions (Left and Right representation as mentioned here Studio )

as selecting any of the versions will overwrite the file! there should be a way to select the changes needed from both versions (local and remote)

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I see now. I think this will be natural progression for this tool.

I saved your feedback in our internal tracker and moved the topic to our Feedback category.
Although I cannot provide any specific deadlines, I’ll update this topic when the new functionality gets implemented.


I would like to further emphasize that this is a much wanted functionality for our team as well.
Is there now a timeframe of when we can expect this to be available?

Best regards,

Rikke Mohn

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I would like to second this request, would be a great improvement!

On a second note;
@loginerror could this thread be merged with this one Git Merge activity by activity - #11 by 3-rimo
It seems like they are the same request.

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Are there any plans to allow for more detailed merging when using GIT as a version control tool?

Having to fully overwrite files with each merge ruins some of the advantages of using GIT rather than another version control tool.

Best Wishes,

Rikke Mohn

Thank you @3-rimo for the suggestion. We do have it on our radar for improvement. Some questions:

  • How do you expect to do merge and workflow diff in the future? Is it from Studio or a web-based tool similar to GitHub?
  • How big is your automation team?
  • Are you using other version control types like TFS/SVN as well in your organization?
  • From the Studio suite, are you using both StudioX and Studio or just Studio?
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Hello and thank you for your response,

  • I am not sure I quite understand your question, but we would like to do merge on an activity by activity basis from Studio, in the future.
  • Our automation team consists of 7 poeple.
  • Currently we are using TFS, but have found it less suitable now that we are working on many big projects together, and are more dependent on being able to cooperate on the same project more smoothly.
  • We are not using StudioX, but are using both Studio and StudioPro.

Edit: We are now possibly 15-20 people, split into two teams, who would like to switch to git as a version control tool, given this functionality is added.

Best wishes,
Rikke Mohn

Hello again,
Is there a timeline for when this will be available?
When this might be available is relevant for our decision in both teams.

Stumbled upon this post and wanted to provide my perspective. Our team is also interested in seeing improvements made to this feature.

  1. Our team has slowly started to use Studio to push/pull. We tried merging but didn’t get the expected result. We had the Process file with multiple sequences in it and had developer A and B work on independent sequences within the Process file. We had dev A push and dev B pull. When dev B pulled we expected it to be smooth as even though it was the same file that got changed, it was different parts of it. However, changes from dev A were lost.
  2. 10+
  3. No
  4. Only Studio


Hey @Nicolai_Kruger

I actually wasn’t sure, so I tried it out and merged the topic into this one (this one was older). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the votes were merged just yet.

I will look into how this specific interaction works when merging topics on Discourse.

hi @loginerror
Is there any status update on this feature as it would be a great addition to solve merge conflicts. Our team is also looking forward to this feature.
Thank you

Hi, Is there any actual plans to implement this? This is very important feature for our team.

Hello @mircea ,

It has now been 2.5 years since this request, is there any progress on the subject?
We would greatly appreciate it.

Rikke Mohn

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