Python Scope: The specified Python path is not valid

We are design job for to Remove Water mark in pdf file so that we use python script in uipath studio(Python scope Activity)But Getting error in python Scope activity Python Scope: The specified Python path is not valid
Please guid me To Resolve Error

Hi @ashwini.mali

Check out the thread


Check out this tutorial for more information @ashwini.mali


It is may happened due to python update, kindly check the python.exe file places in certain location
open command prompt in your machine and type

where python

copy the path and paste it in your python scope

Issue Resolve ,Thank you so much

Python scope activity Issue is resolve but facing another Issue in Invoke Python Method Activity Error is(Invoke Python Method: One or more errors occurred.)i want call handle(imgs) method in invoke method Activity
Please Kindly help me to resolve issue .

Kindly Check this below thread, it may help you.

same Activities add in my job like above document but still same issue(one or more error occurred).

Check your parameter from the code and passed in invoke method activity. and python is case sensitivity, also check it.

when i pass parameter in invoke method activity without quate so getting error.
And when pass parameter in qoute then not showing error
please Guide me to how pass parameter in invoke method

If you need to pass the n1 and n2 value, Need to create a variable in it

Crete n1 & n2 as a variable type integer

place above the involve menthod.

I want Call Method (handle(imgs))from Python script (watermark Remove )
I try to call but getting Error
Kindly Checked Screenshot and Please guide me to resolve issue


if you are mentioning paths in your code, Give a try placing double slashes instead of single slash.


changes done in code but still same issue

@Kalyan_Gundu @Gokul_Jayakumar @Gokul001
Please guide me to resolve issue

Can you share your sample XAML file @ashwini.mali

main file?

Kindly create new topic regard to your query.
Because the path issue is fixed, it will junk and confuse the topic who have the same issues.

@Gokul001 Please check Attached
Main (2).xaml (65.5 KB)
Main xaml file