Integrating process

I am working on Automating SAP Applications i.e We have of different SAP Modules .We created each and every module individual workflow in ui, So the problem is we need to integrate all the modules to 1 step.For example
This modules should integrate in 1 flow.
We Tried of using flowchart below is the screenshot.
Can Anyone just me different type of integration process rather than this.
Thanks in Advance.
Screenshot (92)|690x387

Hi @gokul_t

I suggest you to use a Sequence instead of the flowchart to place the invoke workflow activities. it would be the best suitable one…

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

As you suggested i have already done with the sequence workflow as 1st is login, 2nd is create and 3rd is verify and checking the output. If I want to run a particular module is there a chance to run?Can you suggest me a different option.

Hi @gokul_t

Yes you can… you can provide the default arguments if there are any those workflows expect when running and you can right click on the invoke workflow activity and specify to run only that activity…

I mean you are Saying about Disable the activity and continue with the relative work flow right,We can do that but if there are more than 10 applications we can’t proceed.@Lahiru.Fernando

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
Can you explain this link

Use multiple Xaml files and call whichever required in main flow