About best flow design

Hi Team,

I have one process to design as below operations to be performed:
Open outlook
Download attachment
Take values from Excel sheet
Web form submission
Update Excel

Is these operations can be put in one main workflow?
How can I achieve modularity in UIpath as it don’t have process and object studio as we have in BP?
Do you think I can create only workflow those need to reusable can call as child workflow?
Or I need separate each task in modular way.
I can see child workflow is used only when you have arguments to pass it
Can’t call each submodule without arguments like function call in programming.
Any ideas on this will be appreciated.


Hi Girish,

To create modularity in Uipath you could separate your flows into chunks and then call them using the “Invoke Workflow Activity” You can also assign arguments to the workflow that can be used as inputs/outputs. The same way as you would when writing a function in other languages. For the above flow you may want to create a generic module that handles getting the excel values, and the web form submission as separate modules.

but this is an example its certainly possible to create this all in one flow and it entirely depends on what parts you feel you may want to reuse. One thing to note is that you can take a section of workflow and then extract that to a separate workflow later so you can always build this in one and then separate this when you need.

I can’t really help further as this is a broad question with a lot of subjective opinions.


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