How to integrate two scenarios into one in UiPath

Hello All,

I’m new to RAP and Uipath and have started learning a week back.
Need your help to overcome my problem.

I have two scenarios which i need to automate using UiPath as:-

(1) Check presence of an excel file at a specific location, if not present need to send an outlook mail.
(2) If file is present then count of rows in the file and send count via email having attachment of the count in a text file.

I’m able to automate these two scenarios in separate sequences. Now i need to merge them into single workflow such that both scenarios can run one by one.

Please suggest.

Reetesh Jain

You can implement this in a flow chart activity., Just have a flow decision whether excel exist condition to go with other sequence.


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Use a flowchart with two sequences -

Sequence1: Check presence of an excel file, if not send email.

You can have a conditional branch here, to decide whether to execute sequence2 or not.

Sequence2: If present, count rows and send email with count.


Thanks All for your suggestions. You made my day. I was able to integrate these two activities.

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