How to integrate various workflow ,and how we should call them from main

we are unable to call various work flow from main can anyone suggest me with example how we should do it.

You have to use Invoke workflow activity from the main workflow.

Example -

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @Nav_Jyoti_Special

You can use the Invoke Workflow activity just like @KarthikByggari mentioned. In this activity there are few properties that you have to set. Once you drag your activity to the workflow, give the path of the workflow file which you want to call. Once done, click on Import Arguments button to show all the input and output arguments that are required from the called workflow file. There, if you have any arguments, you can provide the variables for those as required.

Use Invoke Workflow activity from activities panel.


You can follow below step to invoke various work flow.

  1. Use “Invoke Workflow File” activity from “Activities” panel
  2. Click on “…” three dots of “Invoke Workflow File” component.
  3. “Select Workflow to Invoke” open file dialog will open.
  4. Go to desire folder and select “.xaml” or “.uiwf” file.
  5. Click on “Import Arguments” button and set value in Value text for against each “Name” if exists.
    6)Click on “OK”

Now your workflow file will invoke from Main or any other workflow.

Let me know if require more information.

Thank you


I invoked clicktext activity from another workflow , but that activity throwing error as “text not found” , the clicktext activity working fine in its own workflow

Hello @vinaykumar.yerroju :slight_smile:

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Could you please share the screenshots?

Actually Im trying to split one workflow into two parts (lets assume as A and B ).
the whole workflow before splitting working fine but when we split it and invoking workflow B into workflow A , the ClickText activity in B is not getting invoked and throwing error as “Text not found”. If we use same clicktext activity directly in A then it is working . What is the reason behind it? cant we invoke clicktext activity from one workflow to other? how can we do this