Integer formatting in excel

Hi, I am using the write range to input an integer into an excel spreadsheet but excel is then formatting it as X.XXXXX+16 opposed to the actual number I need to get out of the cell at a later time, how can I format it to be pulled as the whole integer or as a string?
Please see attached

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have a look here for reformatings


Please check the below options

  1. Try changing the type of the column as “Text” and it worked

  2. We can either use this activity

  3. Convert exponential values in excel to numbers

Cheers @aquinn

Hi, How would i change it to string through UiPath?

and I tried the string row (“ColumName”).ToString.expression=Integer.Parse(row(“ColumnName”).ToString,System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Any)) from suggestion 3 and it flags me an errorimage


Add .ToString
Atlast to this expression


please see attached

Are u using this in a assign activity inside a for each row activity
If so it’s like this

row(“yourcolumnname”) =

row(“yourcolumnname”) in left side of assign and then after equals to should be in right side

Cheers @aquinn

I want to store the output of the column in a variable, how would I do this?

and i am still getting the error mesage

Pleas retype it again

I could see the column name is different and pls type from your end

Remove this part
row(“yourcolumnname”) =

In that expression

Sorry i have done that now, but am getting this:

the value is too large for int32

30855000032420900 this is an example, they are all this length