When i try write a DT to excel, it deletes zeros for only 6 digit numbers. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem

when i write DT to excel, it deletes zeros for 6 digit numbers. for example ;

first excel ----> “interest.xlsx”

interest.xlsx (13.6 KB)

the result excel -------> “Surec_Sonu_Exceli.xlsx”

Surec_Sonu_Exceli.xlsx (10.2 KB)

In the first excel there is a number “490.000” (12. row) in “Tutar” column. when i try to write those numbers another excel it deletes the zeros for only 6 digits numbers. I couldn’t get it where i make mistake.

In the result excel you can see the wrong number at 11. row as wrote 490.

Here is my workflow;

6DigitProblem.xaml (16.8 KB)

Hi @Arif_Kilic ,

i think this issue with excel if your not getting any error inside the workflow check with the ms.excel.
by default it is selected GENERAL.
if you wants to see the zeros select the entire column and then change it to NUMBERS.
for your reference please check the below images.

Default view GENERAL


Hi, thanks for effort but it doesn’t work for my situation. when i change the format to number is still same.

I need to write the same numbers to the Result Excel. so if you look the first excel you will see the number “490.000” and if you see the result excel you will see the same number as “490”.

give a try on reformat the cell format by a custom format. We can use following activity to do this:

The custom format you can prototype manually in excel

Also have a look here on e.g. the ’ (Apostroph) approach

thanks for suggestion Mr. Peter. I changed the type of the column as “Text” and it worked.