Installing prerequistes of uipath test suite manager

Does anyone has a simple/clear tutorial of how to install test suite manager
I’m trying to install it and i get this error

I don’t know exactly what should i check so if anyone can help me


Have a look below thread.

Hi @Dhouha_Cherif,

In addition to checking documentation referred by @lakshman, if you are on enterprise edition, you can engage uipath support team to help with installation by raising a case on below customer portal link:

Customer Portal | Home

For community edition, you can use below link to seek support:


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@Dhouha_Cherif Do you install it on a new server? And you have already installed Orchestrator on another Server right?

You have to get our IIS (Webserver) up an runing upfront.

Use the Orchestrator Prerequsuites you can find here:

Please continue with the Roles and Features you can find here (or run InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1 which you can find here:

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