Installing Orchestrator into an existing, empty Database

Hello Community,
in the Network of my company I am not allowed to create databases on my own but have to let them be created by our database team.
So I now have a pre created, empty Database. But if I want to use that DB in the installation process of the Orchestrator, I get the error message that this database is already existing and I should provide an APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY, which I can’t provide since there has never been an intallation before.
Is there any way to make the installation tool consider this database as empty and create the tables it needs?

Thank you very much in advance
Alexander Herbermann, BWI GmbH Germany

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Hey yes actually that’s possible.

Could you please show some screenshots

I could solve the problem. There was a single System-Table left in the Database, that made the Installer think, that it’s not empty. After dropping the Table the installation finished w/o any problems.
So in conclusion, always check that there are no tables left in the DB :sweat_smile:

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Cool @AlexHerbBWI

Perfectly concluded :+1::grinning:

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