APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY parameter asked for a new installation (new DB)


I am trying to do a new installation of Orchestrator.
I ran all the prerequisites on the server (dotnet, IIS installation, admin and log on as batch job rights given to the service account…) and on the DB server (DB creation, user mapping, etc…).
The DB is freshly created and empty, so is the installation folder.
When i try to install the msi using the interface, i have the error message “The database already exists. […] Restart the installer from the command line and specify the APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY parameter”.
I don’t know the key since it’s a new install.
If i run the installation using the command line it also fails with “Transforming table Error”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Aditya,

Launching the msi with the parameters APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY=encryption_key_from_old_installation did bypass the error.

However i had to uninstall the application as i need to reinstall it in another location, with is only possible using the parameter ORCHESTRATORFOLDER.

Now when i try to reinstall, at the db steps i have the error “The database contains existing information not compatible with a clean installation”. The DB was created at the previous attempt.

Do you have any idea how to fix this error so i can proceed with reinstalling using the same DB ?


I understand that the DB was created during your previous installation and is not having any valid records so could you try to drop the DB and start the installation

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