Installing Activities from UIPath GO

Hey together,

I am trying to install a module from UIPath Go to my Studio (Version 2018.2.3).
There are two different ways to install such a module:

The first one is to add the module with an url. This option is just for Version 2018.3 and above, so that I can not use this way.

The second and only way for me is to download the module manually and install the module with the option “Manage Package” in Studio. When I download the module there is only a nuspec package (which seems to be a reference to a nuget package). But to install the module in Studio I need the real nuget package. The nuspec package is not shown when exploring for available packages in the “Manage Packages” Activity.

Here is a folder the downloaded component: (6.4 KB)

The module can be downloaded at: ElapsedTimeActivity

Somebody knows what I have to do for installing the modul?


@em17 - You can rename the to ActivityElapsedTime.1.1.1.nupkg and then try.

You should be able to see the below contents in the zip file. If you do not see these contents. you need to download the file again from Go!.


This didn’t work for me…

@em17 - If you add the file “ActivityElapsedTime.1.1.1.nupkg” to the below folder on your machine, then it will show up in Manage Packages → Local.