Error in Installing UIPath Community Edition

I’ve installed UIPath Studio (Community Edition) with my account in Another Laptop.
Now While installing in My Laptop with same Account It’s Showing an error.
Please rectify It, Thank You.

Hi, @sirilynn .

Could you, please, send the Studio log files? They should be located here: Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs

Thank you.

HI @sirilynn

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What is the process you followed to activate your license? Studio Community Edition can either be activated online or via connecting your Robot to Orchestrator CE (available via our Cloud offering).

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Since I can’t upload those files, I shared a Google drive link.

Thank You.

Hello @loginerror

I downloaded UiPathStudioSetup then activated Free Trial (Community Edition)

Thank You.

Hi @sirilynn

This line from your logfiles:
The remote name could not be resolved: ''

It suggests that there is a network issue, one that can come from a Firewall that is blocking the connection. Could you look into that possibility?

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Hi, @sirilynn,

We are investigating your issue. Below are a few questions that would help us

Thank you!

Hello @MihaiM,

Version Of .Net Framework is installed on my machine is V4.0

The Windows Version is 8.1

Hi, @sirilynn,

This seems to be an unusually old version of .Net Framework. Just to be sure this is the right version number, please check for the ‘Version’ attribute, in Regedit, as in the picture below:

Could you, please, install the latest version of .Net Framework, and then try again to run Studio?

Thank you.