Installation Folder for Community Edition installer

Hi everyone.
Do you know if @uipath have a plan to add an installation folder selection system?

For whatever reason it currently installs in:

and not in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath

But I’d really like to move it to:

Hi @JFEspanolito

There are currently two installers - Community EXE and Enterprise MSI.

The EXE installer installs in the user folder by default and it is indeed not configurable.
The Enterprise MSI installer let’s you choose whichever folder you wish to install with.

There might be some improvements coming to both installers, but I am not sure if one of them will be the installation folder for Community Edition. I will add your idea to our internal tracker though and we will see :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror Maciej.
Yes, in Enterprise I have no problems.
My detail is for the Community, let’s say I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) for ordering my things to my liking.
Grettings and thanks for consider it

I have not tested this yet on my community install as I dont have access to it today, but logically this should work.

So every community edition installation will automatically create a windows environment variable and set a path value. The important part is that windows knows where your UiPath.Service.UserHost.exe is present.

So you could try to move the entire Folder “…\UiPath\app-20.4.3” to "G:\Software\DevTools"

Click on Start menu and search for environment variables. Open environment variables and update the path value of the existing “UIPATH_USER_SERVICE_PATH” variable.

Value = “G:\Software\DevTools\UiPath\app-20.4.3\UiPath.Service.UserHost.exe”

Double check:

  • Check your path variable is correct
  • The file UiPath.Service.UserHost.exe exists in your moved folder.

Now try running UiPath. Fingers crossed!
Do update this thread if this worked :slight_smile:


Nice, i will be try it today in 3 hours (now working time).
Thanks bro.

Thanks bro, i tested and work 10/10.
Only need to re create shortcuts (windows icons) and re install the plugin.

i cant mark your answerd as Solution cuz admin put his replay as solution. Sorry

Wonderful that it worked.
Good point about shortcuts to exe and plugin :+1:

First thing first, nice hack @jeevith :wink: It goes to say that it is not officially supported, and might misbehave a bit on Studio auto-update.

As to this:

It is because Feedback categories have the solutions disabled to promote continuous discussion. Even after the feature is added and topic tagged as Completed, it should still accept user feedback :slight_smile:
(I took out the solution flag from my post as it created some confusion around it)

Thank you. While we understand the request, we have no immediate plan to change the default installation folder for Community. Hacks may interfere with the auto-update. We strongly advise against this, mainly because we cannot guarantee Studio will continue to work while in a different folder.

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@mircea @loginerror thanks for the clarifications.

I now understand the concern of auto-update after some research and some assumptions :slight_smile:

If anyone else is thinking the same as me of using a symbolic link to fix the possible auto-update failure after moving the installation folder as I mentioned in my earlier post, Symbolic link might really not work. Dont try it!

But why wont it work?
I am here assuming that UiPath manages auto-updates with ClickOnce deployment method.

@JFEspanolito if you run a stable version for personal use, you dont need to worry. If you run the latest version this auto-update may be an issue.

hi @jeevith @JFEspanolito, have you encountered any troubles due to moving Uipath folder? any auto update issues?

Hi, yes, UiPath dont update if you moved

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