Install UIPath Version timeout

Hello, We cannot install and launch a new version in UiPath Assistant. The installation runs in a timeout. The folder WILL be created, but it remains empty. If I insert a ready-installed folder, you can start, but nothing happens. It WILL THEN show that the process ran a few seconds ago. The previous version can still be started without problems. What can be the reason? Thank you in advance for your feedback.

@Prisemuetchen are you trying to install that will admin access?
Please make sure the installation is not restricting by any security tools.

If there are no restrictions it should install. Did you downlaoded the installer from cloud?

The user who performs the installation has admin rights. The security settings are specified by our data center. Since the installation works on the developer’s computer, this cannot be the cause. The installer is from the web.

We encountered the same situation after upgrading Studio/Robot/Assistant from 2020.10 to 2022.4. Opened case w/UiPath and their workaround was to remove the ‘Package’ directory on the server and rerun the install. It works, but ridiculous that we have to do this each time installing new or updating existing package. Upgraded version 2022.4 is not stable for us.