Install Orchestrator With PowerShell

How can the installation of Orchestrator with PowerShell, be automated?

UiPath PowerShell Orchestrator installation script, is located at Git Hub Install UiPath Orchestrator .

  • This script will install IIS roles and features, IIS Rewrite Module, Self-signed Certificated, and Orchestrator
  • The SQL server must be up and running. Proper permissions should be applied to allow the script to install the DB.

Update the parameters to match the desired environment. If it is planned to create an Orchestrator farm/ cluster, then save the parameter "passphrase" for all future deployment. The passphrase will create the same API keys needed to match across the Orchestrator nodes.

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "path-to-the-script\Install-UiPathOrchestrator.ps1" -OrchestratorVersion "19.4.4" -passphrase "a-random-passphrase" -databaseServerName "fqdn-of-sql-server" -databaseName "database-name" -databaseUserName "database-username" -databaseUserPassword "database-password" -orchestratorAdminPassword "orchestrator-tenant-admin-password" -redisServerHost "redis-servers-ip-and-port:redis1:6379,redis2:6379,etc" -NuGetStoragePath "unc-path-for-shared-storage: \\sharedstorage\shared-folder" -orchestratorLicenseCode "orchestrator-license-key"