Not able to install Orchestrator on VMmachine

Hi i have install .net framework 4.8 but it still gives me an error, rebooted server couple of time any help will be appreciated im using scripts to install orchestrator. PFA ss for reference

528049 is related to .net 4.8

Hi @apurvalost,
Have you tried to install Orchestrator from installator?

Yes thats successfully install but i want to use powershell scripts as thats faster for production environment installing mutliple orchestrator if needed in futher.

I’m not pretty sure about using powershell for deplyment. Our documentation mention about powershell only in context of multi node installation. It also depends if you are using Windows Installer or Platform installer. In case of second there is written that:

(…)please note that this installer does not accept command line arguments. This is usually recommended for one-node architectures.

More info here:

One more question do you have any documentation on H/A (Of orchestra tor) ,even with something like using hybrid orchestra tor infrastructure one on cloud and on perm?

Everything related to the Orchestrator is documented here:

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