Insights Send Mail Not Working

I am trying to send a test email via Insights (Version - 2020.10.2) to see how my dashboard looks and I am getting no email.
I opened the logs (galaxy.log) and I am getting and error - “Unknow provider:”
Does anyone encounter this type of error?
Thank you for your help,

Hi @Amit_Bendet
Kindly try out this below approach

Thanks but I tried that and I dont see my error there…

@nikhil.girish this is the error from the logs -

@Palaniyappan can u assist @Amit_Bendet here


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Hmm I haven’t faced this error
I will try to re create the same error

So you are getting this error once after triggering…


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@Palaniyappan I am getting it when I am trying to send a test email via insight dashboard.

Problem solve!
I had to restart the settings from the SMTP and then retype them and everything works fine now!
Thank you every one for your help!

Great @Amit_Bendet
Happy learning

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