Email feature of insights is not working

How to fix email alerts not working issue in insights

  • Sisense.Galaxy service is used to send email in insights. In case of any issue with respect to email notifications in insights, first check if the Sisense.Galaxy service is running or not in services.msc.
  • In case the service is running, check the galaxy log in C:\ProgramData\Sisense\application-logs\galaxy
  • In case there is some error message in the log saying Error sending mail: {"reason":"IP: xxxx is not in the cert's list}, this means there is some issue with the certificate.
  • If there was no option selected with respect to TLS configuration and the SMTP server is capable of using TLS for communication, Galaxy service would look for a certificate in the insights server machine. In this case any of the following approaches can be followed:-
  1. In case the communication between insights and SMTP server should not happen over TLS, Modify the insights installation through add/remove programs update the email setting as "Ignore TLS".
    1. In case TLS is required for communication between insights server and SMTP server, export the certificate from SMTP server and import it in Insights server and add it under Trusted root CA in mmc.exe.