Can Not Receive Insights Alert Email Even Testing Email Works

Can not receive Insights alert email

Issue: Can not receive Insights alert email even testing email works.

Details for login: Steps to Add SMTP,

  • 22.10+

LookerServerURL:9999/login >> log into Looker Portal

  1. On top, go to Admin, and scroll to SMTP
  2. Fill in the required details for SMTP as mentioned in Verification section
  3. Test the options or save


  • Verify testing email can be sent/received via SMTP commands
  • Port 25 is used for SMTP, TLS/SSL is unchecked
  • SMTP settings is updated via MSI installer in Windows Server
  • Settings is not reflected in Looker UI (Admin > Platform > SMTP), TLS/SSL is still checked


Manually modify SMTP setting in Looker UI to uncheck TLS/SSL for Port 25.