Insights Dashboard Is Not Loaded Due To Full Disk

Insights unable to load dashboardsEdit SubjectDescriptionInsights show below msg after logging in. Dashboards are showing "We were unable to retrieve your dashboards. Please try again later".

Issue Description: Insights unable to load dashboards suddenly which was working fine earlier.

Troubleshooting & Resolution:

  1. Check the looker in the Insights Linux machine with commands: docker container inspect looker-container, and verify if it is running
  2. ​Run 'df -h' command on Linux machine and see if the disk space(8GB) of /var folder is almost 100% used up. Most of the space is used by /var/lib/docker/volumes/looker_workdir/_data subfolder​
  3. Increase the size of rootvg-varlv by running the command below:
  • # sudo lvresize -r -L +10G /dev/mapper/rootvg-varlv

Refer Insights Installation: Step 1 .

  1. Reboot machine to start service
  2. Observe Insights dashboards loaded after the reboot.