Insights Dashboard Keeps Loading Indefinitely

Resolution when the Insights dashboard keeps loading indefinitely and the Insights dashboard does not load.

Issue Description: Insights dashboard loads indefinitely.


Root Cause: This typically indicates some sort of misconfiguration

Diagnosing / Resolving:

  1. Get a Har trace of the issue. See the KB documentation: How To Generate A HAR File?
    • Once the trace is running, login and capture the trace.
  2. In the trace, check for the following 403 response:
    • app_state with response code 403
  1. The above error could indicate that the DNS name for the looker portion of the application contains underscores (i.e. insights.uipath.dev_test).
    • Under scores in the URL will break the application
    • If this is a first time installation, uninstall and re-install (there is no need to to touch the database)
  2. If the above step does not apply, collect the application logs: Insights - Troubleshooting: Accessing Logs
  3. Examine the logs. If the issue is not clear open a ticket with UiPath support and include the logs and har trace.