Insights - Old Excel Data Push To Insights Database

Hi @Michelle_Yurovsky,

I would like to ask a question… About pushing old data in Excel to Insights Database.

Let’s say I created a custom dashboard for a Bot to measure business KPIs… Using custom logging method by adding some code.

So Insights gets data from today…
How about old data, which we used to show business using data in Excel…
How can we insert/push data in Excel into Insights…

Considering Bot went Live on Jan 1st 2021
We did customised logging today…

How to push data from Jan 1st to till yesterday… Which we used to maintain and create manually.

Can you please throw some light.


Hi Rajesh,

In order to push old data in Excel to Insights, you would need to make a robot that brings that excel data into Insights. The newly custom logging will add the new fields for use from the time you added it. However, you can’t go back in time to retrieve custom values before the custom logging was added.

Hi Aaron,

Are you saying that old data can’t be pushed Into Insights?
It is possible to push data from the day custom logging was done.

Am I correct?


Once the robot completes the process with the added custom fields, we will be able to use that data in Insights. Please take a look a the documentation for adding custom data into insights: Adding Custom Data to Insights and the documentation for how Insights ingests logs: About Insights. I am not sure what you mean about pushing date from the day custom logging was done, but you can filter a widget/dashboard to start on the date you added the custom logging.

Hi Aaron,

My bad, that was “data”

I will elaborate here with an example:
Jan 1st 2021: Developed Bot-1, there is no Insights tool in the organization
Jan 30th 2021: Deployed the Bot-1 into production
Feb 30th 2021: Business want to know about KPI-1, KPI-2, KPI-3 around the Bot performance.
Created data for Bot-1 in excel to present a dashboard around KPI-1, KPI-2 and KPI-3 to business

April 1st 2021:
Insights deployed in the organization…

  1. Did the custom logging for Bot-1 in order to log KPI-1, KPI-2 and KPI-3.
  2. Dashboard has been created for Bot-1 KPIs and shared the same with Business
    Now dashboard has only data from April 1st 2021 to till date.

Now the question is…
How to see the data from the day Bot-1 went live → Jan 1st 2021
How to push the data, which is in excel to Insights, so that we can see complete data in the Bot-1 dashboard.

Please help to understand the solution on this.
Thank You.


Hi Rajesh,

Since the bot started running on January 30th, that will be the first date that we can see logs in Insights. When you installed Insights, did you choose the proper backfill days to include data from January 30th? If not, please make sure to enter in the correct backfill time period shown here: Installation

Hi Aaron,

But business needed KPIs are logged from April 1st as per the above example mentioned (after Insights in place).
So now even we check backfill days, we will not see the data related to KPI-1, KPI-2, KPI-3 in Bot-1 Robot Logs(because these are not default values to get logged), which we used to maintain/create manually in excel for Jan - Mar period.

How to achieve this, because we have 16 Bots in production, we need to do custom log now to record few KPI values in order to create a dashboard around the same to present to Business.

Thank You.


If the custom logging by the robot started in April 1st 2021, that will be the first date that you can use the custom logging in Insights due to the way we ingest data as highlighted in the links above. You could try to create manual custom columns that store the custom data you collected so that you can incorporate that into your formulas. The input widget documentation found here: About Widgets can show you how to create a custom column and use that column in your ROI dashboard.