Inserting data in excel using write range workflow

inserting data in excel using write range workflow got error message

Hi @Aditya10989 ,
Are you trying to modify any data before ‘Write Range’?

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I am fetching data from excel using for each row I insert three value in variable then in add data row I am inserting datatable and three variable it successfully executed after this I am trying to insert this data in write range using workbook activity on that time I am getting error

Could you try using Write Range Activity with Excel Application Scope

yes got same message

Will it be possible to share a piece of workflow?

yes (2.4 MB)

did you got any solution

@Palaniyappan shall you help me on this…?

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let me check once

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the thing is we wont be able to a add or make any changes to a datatable if it under iteration within a for each or for each row loop
so rather adding the row to the same datatable
use a ASSIGN activity before to this FOR EACH ROW activity andd mention the
Finaldt = Exceldt.Copy
where Finaldt is a variable of type datatable with default value as New

–now in the same for each row loop and add datarow activity mention the datatable as Finaldt instead of Exceldt…so that the new rows will be added to that excel datatable

Cheers @Aditya10989

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sorry did’t understand
you mean to say create another variable with the name of Finaldt with variable type datatable and use default value as New this finaldt pass in write range…?
but assign activity we can’t use before loop because I am getting value from for loop

ok little bit understand let me try and will update you

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Hi I try but getting same message which I already mention.Kindly see the (2.4 MB) code

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let me check this

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I have done one mistake add data row I did not change the datatable to final now I changed see what happened

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is that working now @Aditya10989

almost more then 15 mintues I am executing still showing in executing

oh god…running in debug mode…?

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yes I stop the execution and run this in debug mode