Write range into excel don't write all the data

Hello all,
i used ths two for each wrtie data into excel ,i have problem write range write just last row (can’,'t find the oather rows (bacause reading multiple pdf )
any help


Can you show what comes out on the Write line?


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o that i just converted the row(2) in date format
and i want to display two rows but for me able to display just last row of my execution (for lop of pdf)
i want to get all data

hello @nora_ziani,
Could you try append range activity rather than write range.
I hope I could help you,
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Use add data row pass the variables or data


  1. Create one Build DataTable → Columns-> Name,PhoneNumber->Output as Dt_Temp
  2. Read range to read the previous excel-> Output as Dt_Out
  3. Take one For Each row mention the Dt_Out
  4. Take one Add data row in the array of row mention like this

DataTable as Dt_Temp


  1. Before , is the Name column
  2. After , is your Next Column i.e., PhoneNumber

So this will add the data to that particular data table

in the end i.e., After For each use Write range and Add headers must be checked dt as Dt_Temp

That’s it.


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the problem with append range it can’t clear the existing data before writing (for example if i hhave 2 exisiting rows ,it will start writing from the third one)

thank you for response

Hello @nora_ziani

For easy debugging can you run it in debug mode and check the value of DTResult before to write range. If not able to get it in debug immediate panel, you can convert datatable to string using output datatable and use a message box to print the value.

This is just to confirm all the tables in the dataset are having values and to understand how the flow is happending. Based on that you can easily find the solution.

so you want to write not all data ?
what is the requrement

and do you want to append or delete the current excel data output?