Inserting a value in a web Application but overwriting the value in the text field

I am extracting a data from web application and using in for each loop when bot is trying to insert value 2nd time then its overwriting the value means previous value is gone as show case below also empty field is not checked even though issue is coming

Giving in Type into activity like this : Col_serial + " "

Any suggestion or help on this would be appreciated.

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Well you want to have that value or to remove that existing value completely and write new value on it

Cheers @mittal.abhishek

are you writing the value to new row or same row in your loop?

Previous value should be there like this


Actually i m comaring the value from spreadsheet from item # in this application if item match then it should insert the value on same field keeping previous value


Then first use a GET TEXT activity and get the output as string named Strinput

  1. Now use a assign activity like this

stroutput = Strinput+Environment.NewLine+“Your nee value”

  1. Then use type into activity passing stroutput
    As input variable

Cheers @mittal.abhishek

@Palaniyappan - As i said m using extract data table from web application need to think the logic accordingly…

Cheers !!

in Both ways if the item in a same row then it shuld insert in same row elseif it item match in other row then inserting value in other row also…


As per my understanding, you are getting some data from a web application( consider 10 rows of data), you want to append all the data from one column and need to add it to the Serial Number. Is this correct?

If this is the requirement, you have to use the For each row in Data table activity and add the values to a variable. For example StrOut=CurrentRow(0).ToString+Environment.NewLine.

StrtOut is a String Variable and CurrentRow(0) will fetch the value from teh first column(change as per the requirement). Then once loop ends you can use StrOut to add in the serial Number column

@mittal.abhishek Can you enable Send Window Message in the TypeInto activity and check once