For each row variable storage issue

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I am experiencing an issue with entering data (a company code) from an excel file into a webpage, removing the data, and entering the next company code (for each row). I have used a for each row, assigned the company code variable as row (“NIC”).ToString, then I look up the company code, scrape the data and remove the company code. However, when I go to the next row and enter the company code it also enters the previous company code along with the current one - and this continuous until about six company codes are added and the application throws an error.
So, for example, if the below is is my range of company codes in my excel file:
The first time it enters a company code the value is 129
The second time is 200129
And the third is 235200129

I have tried emptying the variable by using assign “”, however this does not seem to be working. Does one of you have any thoughts on how I can assure only the value of the next row is entered? I have tried to search everywhere but have been unable to find an answer.

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Never mind, found the solution, it was an issue with the webpage, not UIPath.

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