Bot missed to enter value into text field through TypeInto activity

Hi experts,
I am seeking your input/help in solving following issue.

There is a login screen with user name and password, and bot enters values into both fields but sometimes it misses to enter user name and as a result login fails. This has been happening a lot even though WaitForReady property of TypeInto user name filed is set to Complete.
Below screenshots of missed username and TypeInto properties

Hi @ramvashista85

Try by giving a small delay before typing.

Hi Varun, do you mean using Delay activity or using DelayBefore property of TypeInto ?

Change input method and see if it works or not

sorry I didnt get what do you mean by change input method.


Try by giving DelayBetweenKeys or DelayBefore
Else you can try with Set Text activity also

Hope this may help you



Use only one. (both will work)

Hi, bit of an untidy way of doing it but try issuing your typeinto activity a few times for the username.


Put it all into a loop and check all fields are populated before clicking the login button.

uncheck simulate type and check in send windows message if it is not working then uncheck both of them and try again