Web scrap and SQL database

My simple task is to
1.scrap data from some website and then 2.store into SQL database. 1st part is done. Please help in 2nd one.

SQL connection is also done.


Once you done the scraping the data will store in a datatable, later part you can check below post for your reference

Hope this helps you


Hi @kamini

Please Follow the below steps to insert data into data base

  1. After extracting data from the source use Uipath database activities from manage packages
  2. In database you need to create table and column name based on your extract datatable output.
    3)use for each row to iterate the values from extracted datatable
  3. Use execute query activity inside the for each row and configure connection based on your connection name and inisde the text box in execute query
    “INSERT INTO YOUR TABLE NAME (YOUR COLUMNS Seperated By comma) VALUES(Your row Values);”


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Let me try this.